About Us

SEED Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on empowering people through the promotion of entrepreneurship leveraging advances on digital technology.  This is in recognition of the fact that entrepreneurship is the strategic way to address growing unemployment and that digital technology is the major driver of economic growth in today’s world.      

More About SEED Foundation

Unemployment has become a major problem in Nigeria as well as in many other African countries. Many young people full of energy and zeal are unemployed even after they have acquired different levels of education including university degree in some cases. These youths sometimes out of desperation and lack of guidance channel their youthful energy and passion wrongly to vices which negatively affects them and the society.

We understand that relevant knowledge when planted on a receptive mind and properly nurtured will grow into viable businesses just as a viable seed planted on a fertile soil grows into a big tree.  Hence SEED foundation’s goal is to help the youths discover and develop their entrepreneurial capacity by sowing the relevant knowledge and skills in their mind. This is expected to help the beneficiaries live more productive and purposeful lives.

SEED foundation aims at reaching millions of youths and budding entrepreneurs with skills and the know-how to access and exploit business opportunities in the emerging digital economy. It will leverage various media including Social media, digital audio CDs, Mobile apps and online interactions to reach the target audience. This modality will enable us to reach many at a relatively low cost.



SEED Foundation will in due course create an entrepreneurship and innovation center, a facility where youths and fresh school leavers will be groomed in digital entrepreneurship and given an opportunity and platform to bring their creative ideas to life.